Intel-IrriS is a PRIMA project from Section 2 Multitopic 2020 Thematic Area 1-Water management addressing low cost, lean solutions for enhancing irrigation efficiency of small-scale farms. It involves the following Countries: Algéria, France, Germany, Morroco and Greece. Intel-IrriS targets “Low-cost, lean solutions for enhancing irrigation efficiency of smallholder farmers”. The goal of Intel-IrriS is to contribute in not only saving water but also in increasing the water usage efficiency, while taking into account the specificities of socio-economic contexts of smallholder farmers as well as current irrigation practices. Existing solutions are generally very expensive and provide raw data which are not easy to be used directly by small farmers. Therefore, Intel-IrriS main objectives are (1) to reduce the cost of smart technologies for smallholders – dividing the cost by a factor between 10 and 100, (2) to increase adoption of smart technologies by smallholders by "translating" raw data into readable information used for making decision about irrigation adjustment (reducing total amount of water through improved timing and real-time adaptation to the agro-environmental conditions) and (3) to increase on a long-term the smallholders' sustained production and income, as well as the local innovation opportunities and capacities. For more information, please visit the officiel web site of the project :


Chef de projet : Pr.KECHAR Bouabdellah



Revue de presse 2023

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