Cotutelle's agreements

The Cotutelle of a thesis is a provision that allows student to carry out his research work under the direction of two thesis supervisors: one in Algeria and the second in an abroad country. The two co-directors jointly perform their duties with the doctoral student, who is required to work alternately in both institutions.

The thesis leads to a single defence (in one of the two countries), in one of the two national languages, and leads to the issue of two diplomas in both institutions :

*A Ph.D. from Oran1 University Ahmed Ben Bella,
*An equivalent degree to the Algerian doctorate in the partner country.

In Algeria the Cotutelle of thesis is governed by the decrees n ° 547 FR - AR corresponding to  June 16, 2016 fixing the organization of  postgraduate training with a view to obtaining the doctoral degree and the decree n ° 704 of June 16, 2016 fixing procedures and organizational arrangements for international Cotutelle training for doctoral thesis.

Download the cootutelle convention template

Mrs. N. Ahmed Fouatih: Responsible for cotutelle agreements and internship agreements

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