Scientific Manifestations

The vice rectorate, achieves through this service :

The organization and promotion of Scientific Manifestations. It provides the conditions for their good proceedings.
Animation and communication actions.
Consolidation of the university relationship with its socio-economic environment and partnership programmes.

The steps to follow for the organization of an international scientific event:

The FR - AR data sheet must be sent in duplicate and in digital forms at least six months before the date scheduled for international events.
The Scientific Events Service is responsible for obtaining the opinion of the Executive Management of Scientific Research and Technological Development and the Executive Management of Cooperation and Interuniversity Exchanges. Their agreements will give you the right to take in charge the laboratory budget expenditure.
To enable us to talk about the event, the organizers will be asked to provide us with:

* A press release according to this plan that must be submitted to our services ten (10) days before the event.

* One or two photos on the event for editing the newsletter.

Head of Service : Mrs. S.Achachi

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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