Vice rectorate in charge of external relations, cooperation , animation and communication , and scientific events is charge in :

  • Promoting the university's relationship with its socio-economic environment and initiative partnership programmes.
  • Initiating action aimed to promote inter-university exchanges and cooperation in the fields of teaching and research.·        
  • Establishing animation and communication actions.
  • Organizating and promoting the scientific events.
  • Monitoring teacher’s perfection and training programmes to ensure their consistency.

 The Vice Rectorate of External Relations is composed of two departments :

- Inter-University Cooperation & Exchange Service in charge of the management as follows:

National and international partnership agreements

  •  Co-tutelage of doctoral theses
  • European programmes (Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus +, ...)
  • Bilateral research projects (CMEP, CNRS, PHC Maghreb, PCIM, ...)
  •     Visits of foreigners (welcomes, Programmes, ...)
  •     Scholarships abroad (Erasmus Mundus, AUF, Islamic Development Bank (IDB), ...)
  •     Visa files
  •     Partnership with the socio-economic sector
  •     Support structures (CASAM, BLUE, Entrepreneurship House, PAPS Office, ...)

- Department  of Communication , and scientific  events services,  in charge of  :

  •     The Organization of scientific and technical events (Forum, Student Fair, ...)
  •     Newsletters’ University elaboration.
  •     Local and international distribution of news via university website.
  •     The creation of leaflets, brochures, posters, guides, etc ... make.

 Pr K. Bouamrane Vice-recteur des Relations Extérieures, de la Coopération et des Manifestations Scientifiques

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