To apply for an ERASMUS + study mobility, you must :

  • For student :
  • Be enrolled at Oran 1 Ahmed Ben Bella University during the year or semester preceding your departure abroad.
  • Have validated the first semester of the 1st year (license).
  • Pursue an education in Europe in adequacy with its course·
  • Applications are validated by the student's study department according to their academic level, their motivations and their professional objectives.
  • For teacher : allows any teacher at Oran 1 Ahmed Ben Bella University to carry out a short-term teaching assignment (TS mobility) in a partner institution. The duration of the mobility can vary between 7 days (8 hours of teaching at least per week) and 2 months. This is to provide courses integrated into the official program of the partner institution.

For administrative staff : 

    allows the mobility of administrative and technical staff to carry out a training mission, exchange good practices, Including the objective of which is to strengthen their professional skills in a partner university in Europe.
  • you must agree with your host institution on a work program, which must be validated by your supervisor and which must specify :
  • The main objectives of mobility.
  • The added value of mobility.
  • The content of the training program·
  • The expected results and impact.

For ERASMUS + Stays, the selection is made without discrimination by the teacher coordinating the exchanges or by a teaching team (depending on the departments), exclusively on academic criteria, motivation, suitability of the stay with the course of study, language level , number of places available).

  • Amount of the scholarship : the scholarship’s amount will be determined by the host University from the interval set by the Erasmus + agency for each group of countries and type of mobility :
  • Students ~ 800€ per month
  • Staff 120 ~140€ per day
  • Transport costs : The contribution to travel costs are calculated as follows :

    Km Distance           Amount
     100-499 km 180 €
     500-1999 km 275 €
     2000-2999 km 360 €
     3000-3999 km 530 €
     4000-7999 km 820 €
     Plus de 8000 km 1100 €


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