International Symposium

on IT at the service of
Innovative Tourism in the city of ORAN

15-16 and 17 December 2019

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ORAN, memories in pictures

Oran the Berber. Oran the Jewess. Oran the Spanish. Oran Arabic. Oran the French. Oran is all that, open city, brewing, cosmopolitan, which has lost nothing of its reputation, city of culture too.

Founded in 902 by the Andalusians, Oran is a city of Forts, Mosques, Cathedrals, Synagogues, Multicultural called EL BAHIA (The beautiful in French). Oran Artistic City had at least 34 cinemas and an old theater dating from 1900.

The Oran's coastline has experienced a morphological evolution rich in events, giving rise to current configurations, both under the sea and along the coast. It is clear that this area corresponds to a region with complex and irregular physiology, materialized with benches, underwater chains, Caps, sandy beaches, steep cliffs and islands.

Excerpt from the book Oran in pictures by the writer Kouider Metair.

Oran University 1 Ahmed Ben Bella (UO1) is organizing an international conference on IT in the service of innovative tourism of the city of Oran (CITI ORAN'19).

CITI ORAN'19 aims to create sustainable tourism best practices for all stakeholders, public and private, as well as elected officials and local officials working to living and hospitable territories.

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Axis 1

History and cultural heritage of Oran

Axis 2

Innovative tourism services at the service of Smart Tourism.

Axis 3

The image of the city of Oran via communication tools.

Axis 4

Ecosystems and conservation of biodiversity in the Oran region.

Steering and Coordination Committee of CITI ORAN'19

Abdelbaki BENZIANE Rector of UO1 & President of the Symposium
Smain BALASKA Vice-Rector of UO1 & Coordinator of the Symposium
Asmaa BENGUEDDACH ICT Researcher at UO1 & Coordinator of the Symposium

Scientific Committee of CITI ORAN'19


  • A. BENZIANE [Algeria]


  • A.K. SINGH [United Kingdom]
  • S. BALASKA [Algeria]
  • A. BENGUEDDACH [Algeria]
  • A. BENACHENHOU [Algeria]
  • M. EL HADI BENELHADJ [Algeria]
  • M. BELARBI [Algeria]
  • T. CLAUDE [France]
  • K.M. BENHAOUA [Algeria]
  • H. HAFFAF [Algeria]
  • A. H. BENYAMINA [Algeria]
  • H. MEZIANE [Algeria]
  • L. BENSAHLA TALET [Algeria]
  • K. B. HUSSEIN [Algeria]
  • A. HADID [Finland]
  • P. DEVIENNE [France]
  • M. DEBAKLA [Algeria]
  • H. ZAHAF [France]
  • B. GOOSSENS [France]
  • B. SENOUCI [France]
  • A. LUCA [Italy]
  • A. BERTOUT [France]
  • K. AKASH [Germany]
  • T. DJERADI [United State Of America]
  • R. OLEJNIK [France]
  • R. CAVICCHIOLI [Italy]
  • N. CAPODIECI [Italy]
  • N. ZERHOUNI [France]
  • B. BOUIKALENE [Morocco]
  • A. MAALOUL [Tunisia]
  • I. ALOUANI [France]
  • F. SAHBI [Algeria]
  • E. ZAGROUBA [Tunisia]
  • F. EL HAGE [Lebanon]
  • M. SASSI [Algeria]
  • K. BOUAMRANE [Algeria]
  • A. BENDRAOUA [Algeria]
  • N. BENAISSA [Algeria]
  • G. BELALEM [Algeria]
  • M. HAMADOUCHE [Algeria]
  • S. BESNACI [Algeria]
  • A. HAMOU [Algeria]
  • A. MESRANI [Algeria]
  • R. CHARMOUTI [Algeria]
  • K. AMAMRA [Algeria]
  • E. TAMEUR [Algeria]
  • S. BOUANANI [Algeria]
  • K. SEMAOUNE [Algeria]
  • J.A. CAMACHO [Spain]
  • A. ABDELMAJID [France]
  • C. GALLOUJ [France]
  • M. BRAHAMI [Algeria]
  • A. BENARIBA [Canada]
  • B. KADRI [Canada]
  • M.A. BEDARD [Canada]
  • B. HAMDADOU [Algeria]
  • B. HAMDADOU [Algeria]
  • B. ATMANI [Algeria]
  • D. HAMDADOU [Algeria]
  • N. TAGHZOUT [Algeria]
  • F. AMRANI [Algeria]
  • F. BARIGOU [Algeria]
  • L. Ait Yahoo [Algeria]
  • F. Ghidouche [Algeria]
  • F. Boufera [Algeria]
  • M. Salem [Algeria]
  • F. Mahi [Algeria]
  • S. Setti Ahmed [Algeria]
  • A. Houari [Algeria]
  • H. Safi [Algeria]
  • A. Bekki [Algeria]
  • L. Benstaali [Algeria]
  • A. Benamar [Algeria]
  • D. Soltani [Algeria]
  • N. Iles [Algeria]
  • N. Kambouche [Algeria]
  • H. Boussada [Tunisia]
  • A. Boubaya [Algeria]

Steering committee of CITI ORAN'19

Kais HUSSEIN Researcher in Biology at UO1 & Scientific Diver
Zohra BELALIA Responsible for external relations of UO1 and CRUO
Kamel BENHAOUA Researcher in Computer Science (LAPECI) at UO1
Amine BEKKAR Researcher in Computer Science (LIO) at UO1
Khadidja BENMOUSSA PhD student in Computer Science (LIO) at UO1
Hammouda ELBAZ PhD student in Computer Science (LIO) at UO1
Omar BOUKERROUCHA Responsible for Conventions at UO1
Cherifa BOUDIA Computer Science & PhD student at UO1
Sara ACHACHI Head of Scientific Manifestations Department at UO1

Orientation & Information Committee of CITI ORAN'19

Nadia Tamghari Assistant to the Direction at CNFp of UO1
Imad Rabah Club member CNFp
Ismail Keffous Club member CNFp
Boutheina Benramdane Club member CNFp
Oubadi Tarek Club member CNFp
Jihed Bentria Club member CNFp
Meriem Aityala Club member CNFp
Dya Mekki Club member CNFp
Nawrouz Bounaceur Club member CNFp
Mohamed Seddik Bouzid Daho Club member CNFp
Amir Jawad MOHAMMED-AZZOUZ Club member CNFp
Abdelbasset Razali Club member CNFp

Important Dates

24 July 2019 : Call for papers

15 September 2019 : Soumission du résumé de l’intention de communication

15 October 2019 : Submission deadline

10 november 2019 : Response to authors

30 november 2019 : Final submission (full text or PPT or poster)

15, 16 and 17 december 2019 : International Symposium in Oran 1 Ahmed Ben Bella.

Speakers of CITI ORAN'19

“ORAN, heritage and architecture.”

Kouider METAÏREcrivain, Président de l'association Bel Horizon

“Patrimoine subaquatique de la côte Oranaise, et Photogrammétrie”

Tarik MOKHTARIPlongeur à l'association Chebec

“الدليل السياحي الثقافي لمدينة وهران ”

سعاد بسناسيأ.د. عميدة كلية الآداب والفنون

“Blockchain Technology: A Disruptive Economic Vector Beyond Distributed Finance.”

Ihsen ALOUANIChercheur en Informatique, Université Polytechnique HDF

“Protection de l'environnement et conservation de la biodiversité de Oran à Annaba.”

Lotfi BENSAHLA TALETChercheur en Biologie, Université Oran1
Feriel SAKRAOUIChercheure en Biologie, Université Annaba

“La première application mobile pour le Théâtre en Algeria, Le TRO nous raconte”

Mourad SENOUCIDirecteur du téâtre régional d'Oran

Moderators CITI ORAN’19

Abdelkader BENGUEDDACH Researcher in Chemistry (LCM), Oran University 1
Samir BOUANANI Researcher at Oran University 1 & Theater Actor
Ennouel TAMEUR Critical Researcher Arts, Oran University 1
Belabbas YAGOUBI Researcher in Computing (LIO), Oran University 1
Habib SAFI Researcher in Human Sciences, Oran University 1
Khalissa SEMAOUNE Researcher at the Oran University 2

Workshops CITI ORAN’19

Asmaa BENGUEDDACH Creativity, essence of innovative ideas.
Fateh Eddine Kezzim The art of communicating according to DISC profiling
Fayçal Zemmour From idea to market and project management
Fethi FERHANE Tourism Investment & Marketing Strategy
Rami Tamrabet Manage a Digital Project, What methodology?
Amel Tandjaoui Drafting a project and guaranteeing a funder
Younes BAHRI Drafting a project and guaranteeing a funder
Amine Bendahmane Technical IA in tourism-oriented applications.
Abdelmonaim Tazi The adventures of a Web Developer
Ramzi EL ABED Develop your website and comply with SEO standards
Sabah OUZLIFI Develop your website and comply with SEO standards
Tarik Mokhtari Photogrammetry (3D reconstitution)
Djalal Nizar ADNANI The wonderful world of my class
Alia MAALOUL Positive pedagogy through the use of ICT
Samah BEN HAMIDA Positive pedagogy through the use of ICT/span>

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Phone: +213(5) 52 02 48 03


Address: Université Oran1 : B.P 1524, El M'Naouer - 31000 Oran,Algérie **** جامعة وهران1

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